Six Egg Ride

On July 23rd, 2005 the Loveland PEDAL bike club organized an inaugural "Six Egg Ride". Our goal was to ride past six Egg and I restaurants in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor and Greeley. This web page contains photos of our trip. You can click on any page to see a full-size photo. PEDAL is grateful to the Egg and I for both their assistance and generosity in helping with this ride (and quite impressed).

A short ride from the library brought us to Loveland Egg and I on Lincoln. Everyone is fresh and eager to ride. We were surprised and impressed by the banners that Cindy had created. Jeff from the corporate offices of Egg and I joined us for the ride.
We picked up a few more riders in Fort Collins. Our first stop in Fort Collins was restaurant just off Harmony Road.
Our next stop was College Avenue. This location is the first restaurant. From one restaurant in 1987, The Egg and I has grown to 17 locations. A 17 egg ride would take more than one day of bicycling, as restaurants may be found from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, and Steamboat Springs.
Brunch, finally! After riding past these great restaurants, we finally stopped for brunch at the Windsor location. A sample of the menu is shown here. We had great service and hospitality.
After a great breakfast, we were ready to ride again. First a photo though...
The 10th Avenue location has a wonderful shady patio. This corner was taken in the shade around the corner, as we had chosen a day with forecast highs approaching 100F.
A short ride through Greeley brings us to number six! This location opened two years ago. Eggs are starting to get scrambled, as the heat increases. A bucketful of ice and cold water was a welcome addition here.
A bank thermometer said "104F" on our ride back from Greeley. We got slightly lost, but found our way after a detour. One final photograph here of six "fried eggs" at end of a long but fun ride...
Thanks again to Egg and I for their help with this ride. Originals for all photographs can be found here.