Six Egg Ride

On August 5th, 2006 the Loveland PEDAL bike club rode our "Six Egg Ride". Our goal was to ride past six Egg and I restaurants in Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor and Greeley.

This was our second Six Egg Ride. The first ride was in 2005. This year combined the ride with Fort Collins Cycle Club. This web page contains photos of our trip. You can click on any photo to see a full-sized photo. PEDAL is grateful to the Egg and I for their assistance and generosity in helping with this ride. We're also pleased that both Jeff and Steve from Egg and I joined us on the ride.
After a 7am start, a short ride brought us to the Loveland Egg and I. Steve the manager of Loveland location joins us here as well as Jeff who had been with Egg and I for a long time. Cool overcast skies and all are fresh and ready for the ride.
A short ride up to Fort Collins to the Oakridge restaurant just off Harmony Road. We're joined by several more riders from Fort Collins Cycle Club. Note the fun signs that Cindy created.
A ride through back streets of Fort Collins brings us to the restaurant off College Avenue. This was the original location and opened in 1987. From one restaurant in 1987, the Egg and I continues to grow. There are 17 locations in Colorado/Wyoming and now two in Houston. A 19 egg ride could take a while!
We left Fort Collins via back roads, trying to avoid several different construction projects and ride to Windsor. Brunch! Here is a sample of the menu. Jerry, the manager of Windsor location had reserved the entire patio for us hungry cyclists. Thanks! Three had split off before brunch, but we still numbered 21 riders.
Before departing Windsor, the obligatory photo stop. Fortunately, it was a lot cooler than last year.
A try or two and we eventually found our way to the bike path to Greeley. Except for two flats due to goathead thorns, a pleasant ride. Our first stop was the 10th Street location. The youngest rider, Seth, gets to hold the number "5".
A few city streets and we find our way to the 27th Street location in Greeley. This one gets the prize for best sign (notice the coloring). Our group has dwindled some as a few skipped last the last egg.
After riding past six eggs, a slow ride back to Loveland. Fortunately, it is cool with only a few drops of rain. The road is straight, though slightly busy as we took direct route to Loveland.

Thanks again to Egg and I for all their help with this ride. Originals for all photographs can be found here.